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Current News Letter: 20th January 2019, 2nd Sunday of the Year

Previous news letter: 13th January 2019, Baptism of the Lord

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6th January 2019, Epiphany of the Lord

23rd December 2018, 4th Sunday of Advent and Feast of the Holy Family  DOUBLE ISSUE

16th December 2018, 3rd Sunday of Advent

9th December 2018, 2nd Sunday of Advent

2nd December 2018, 1st Sunday of Advent

25th November 2018, Christ the King

18th November 2018, 33rd Sunday of the Year

11th November 2018, 32nd Sunday of the Year

4th November 2018, 31st Sunday of the Year

28th October 2018, 30th Sunday of the Year

14th & 21st October 2018, 28th & 29th Sundays of the Year, DOUBLE ISSUE

30th September & 7th October, 26th & 27th Sundays of the Year DOUBLE ISSUE

16th & 23rd September, 24th & 25th Sundays of the Year DOUBLE ISSUE

9th September 2018, 23rd Sunday of the Year

26th August & 2nd September 2018,
21st & 22nd Sundays of the Year DOUBLE ISSUE

12th & 19th August 2018, 19th & 20th Sundays of the Year DOUBLE ISSUE

5th August 2018, 18th Sunday of the Year

29th July 2018, 17th Sunday of the Year

22nd July 2018, 16th Sunday of the Year

15th July 2018, 15th Sunday of the Year

8th July 2018, 14th Sunday of the Year

1st July 2018, 13th Sunday of the Year

24th June 2018, Nativity of John the Baptist

10th June 2018, 10th and 11th Sundays of the Year DOUBLE ISSUE

27th May 2018, Holy Trinity and Corpus Christi DOUBLE ISSUE

20th May 2018, Pentecost

13th May 2018, 7th Sunday of Easter

6th May 2018, 6th Sunday of Easter

29th April 2018, 5th Sunday of Easter

15th April 2018, 3rd & 4th Sunday of the Year - DOUBLE ISSUE


25th March 2018, Palm Sunday

18th March 2018, 5th Sunday of Lent

11th March 2018, 4th Sunday of Lent

4th March 2018, 3rd Sunday of Lent

25th February 2018, 2nd Sunday of Lent

18th February 2018, 1st Sunday of Lent