Baptism is the foundation of all the sacraments. It is the beginning of the Christian life when we become members of the Catholic Church. "Baptism is the time when people are given the 'scent' of eternal life. In baptism we receive God's life and so become his children. This is the 'scent' we are given and it sets us on the journey which leads eventually to eternal life."


This sacrament is a most important source of grace for us, not only when we have committed mortal sin, but for the ongoing growth of the Christian life in holiness. Although sin is forgiven by God in this sacrament, we may still need his healing grace to heal the damage and hurts that have been caused through sin.
The sacrament of reconciliation is celebrated at St. Wulstan's and Holy Family after 10.00am Mass on Saturday, or by appointment with the Parish Priest.  If housebound or in an emergency, please contact the Presbytery.

Your baby's baptism is a time for joy and celebration. In all things we want the best for our children. As people of faith we nurture our children by sharing the faith of the Church. When parents ask for baptism for their child, it is principally they, and after them the godparents and the wider family, who take on the responsibility of teaching their child the ways of faith. In the baptism service, parents accept 'the responsibility of training him/her in the practice of the faith'. "So, from early childhood, we have to be trained by our parents to follow the ways of God. If there is no training by parents, the 'scent' of faith has little chance of survival".


Make contact with the Parish Priest or one of the Deacons. They will help families to make arrangements for this special day when their child is received into the family of the Church, to discuss with them its meaning and importance and to deepen the understanding of this Sacrament of Initiation. We try to help parents prepare for the Baptism in the best possible way.

It will be necessary to fill in an application form with details of the child's name, date of birth and other formalities. The form can be obtained from Fr Richard after Mass and should be returned to him when completed. Then the preparation can truly begin and an arrangement can be made to visit the family, or if you prefer you can come to the Presbytery, when a suitable date for the baptism can be discussed.